Memorial Cinder Blocks of GCC 201

Please review the unidentified and unclear-identity blocks at the top of this page. As they are identified they will be moved below into their proper orientation.

Between 2006 and 2013 several members of the WKU Forensic Team memorialized their time on the team by painting cinder blocks in one of the team’s classrooms, Garrett Conference Center 201. This room was over-painted in May 2018. The below therefore constitutes our memorial of that room and the students who made it their own.

An estimated six blocks are lost forever, due to a 2014 construction and painting project. The known lost include that of Justin Cress, Barry Fields, Lydia Nelson, Todd Rainey, Courtney Wright, and Chris Chandler.1 Two of those have been recreated, digitally, below. The blocks are separated into the year that the student last competed for the team, and coaches are interspersed. Note that higher resolution copies will also be submitted to the WKU Archives soon.

Each thumbnail below will display a caption if you mouse-over the thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a higher resolution image of the full block, with a fuller caption. From that higher resolution image you can then click to the next block for that year, or close the image and return to the page.


Video of GCC 201

In July 2017 WKU Forensic Team staff member Chris Chandler made the following basic video of the room to chronicle the blocks in situ. The information included in the video is not supposed to be exhaustive, as new information continues to come in after the video was recorded. The included music is by alumnus Darius Wilson (his block at the bottom of this page).



Uncertain or Unknown Identity





























1. Director of Forensics Jace Lux was able to stop the painter from consuming the rest.