WKU Forensics hosts a number of events each year. Below you will find a column of annual forensic tournaments and a column of public showcases of our own speech and debate team.



All tournaments that we host require you to have a Speechwire.com account for online registration. You can create that account at the following URL: https://www.speechwire.com/c-account-create.php Note that we also recommend that when you add students to your team on that website, you create a pronunciation guide for each student whose name you worry may be mispronounced in an awards ceremony.


WKU/Alumni Fall Tmnt – 20-22 Sept 2019

The WKU/Alumni Fall Tournament rolls together an invite-only L-D round-robin, an Open L-D tournament, and two IE tournaments into one weekend. We offer novice divisions in L-D debate, and top novice awards in IEs. The 2019 overall team sweepstakes champion for individual events and debate was Marshall University. The overall individual events champion was the University of Alabama.

Online Registration: (if you are staying for IEs on Sunday, also register for Sunday as a separate tournament)
Parli, Day 1 IE, and L-D: register Fri/Sat
Day 2 IE: register Sunday



Junior Hilltopper Classic – 23 Nov 2019

Final round postings
The Junior Hilltopper Classic is an annual junior high speech tournament, providing competition in all junior high KHSSL events. Last year’s team sweepstakes champion was SCAPA Bluegrass.

Registration: Junior Hilltopper Classic online registration will be available soon



Senior Hilltopper Classic – 7 Dec 2019

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The Senior Hilltopper Classic is our annual high school speech tournament and debate, providing competition in all senior high KHSSL IE events, including Student Congress and Public Forum debate. Last year’s team sweepstakes champion was Danville High School.

Registration: WKU Senior Hilltopper Classic online registration




Forensic Alumni Showcase | 15 Nov

To open the first alumni-lead team practice weekend of the season the team will host a small showcase of performances in the Faculty House, free of charge: Friday, 15 November 2019.
Video from last year:
Homecoming Showcase (16 Oct 2018)


Queer & Here: A Night of LGBTQIA+ Performance | 3 Dec

WKU Forensics is coming out with the second annual QUEER AND HERE: A night of LGBTQIA+ Performance. The second showcase for 2019-20, this free show will include performances from the WKU Forensic Team, a presentation from the Queer Student Union, and likely one other lesson. We would love to have you join us for this free performance-centered event on Tuesday, 3 December 2019 at the DSU Auditorium.
Video from last year:
QUEER & HERE (12 Nov 2018)


The Black Excellence Exposition | _TBA_ Feb

The original minority voice showcase, the 2020 BEE is a free public showcase of dance and choir, and performances of poetry, prose, and public speaking from the WKU Forensic Team, creating Black History. The least of featured performers will be made available closer to the event. Date in February to be announced, likely DSU Auditorium.
Video from last year:
The Black Excellence Exposition (12 Feb 2019)


Bodies: Reclaiming Sexual Autonomy | 4 March

This public showcase on recovering from sexual trauma features performances by members of the WKU Forensic Team and a discussion from Hope Harbor, Inc. Please help us raise funds by paying what you can (~$2-5) or providing hygiene products like feminine pads or socks; money will go to HH, and items to Barren River Area Safe Space, Inc. Wednesday, 4 March 2020; DSU Auditorium 7:15 PM, after SGA.
Video from last year:
BODIES: Reclaiming Sexual Autonomy (23 Feb 2019)



The LatinX Performance Celebration

The third annual LatinX Performance Celebration, co-hosted by WKU HOLAS, features voices from one of WKU’s least represented groups. Both politically and culturally celebratory, the LPC offers a stage for voices that need to be heard. Date and location to be announced.
Video from last year:
The LatinX Performance Celebration 2019 (13 March 2019)


March Alumni Work Weekend

Video from last year:
The March Alumni Showcase (15 March 2019)