WKU Summer Forensic Institute | July 11 – 18, 2020

At the end of WKU’s seven-day speech camp, a student will have most or all of a performance ready to compete. More importantly, the student will also have gained the knowledge to prepare that event on their own, or help others. That is what makes the WKU SFI different. We work hard at this camp. Orators will research and write their own speeches, and interpers will select from our extensive library and build a performance from scratch. Our aim is to demystify forensics, and provide a stage for voices unheard. To accomplish this, we aim each year to have roughly one counselor for every four campers, which is rare in summer forensic camps.

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Register for the SFI!

Below is the a downloadable application for the 2020 SFI, in PDF format. It includes the one-page application and the two-page medical release form. The application must be sent in by the noted deadline, but the medical release form *can* be submitted later if you need. That MRF deadline is no later than the first day of camp. Note also that we offer need-based scholarships (discounts) for those whose work ethic exceeds their budget. Please email ganer.newman@wku.edu to find out how you can make use of this opportunity. We also offer a discount for applicants from a school who sends five or more students. You will need to email Ganer (above) about that in advance so that we understand why each applicant is discounting themselves prior to our receiving all of that group’s applications.

Commuters have the option to add a food card (at our cost, which is less than the public price) to eat with everyone else in the cafeteria during lunch and dinner. Without this addition, parents would need to provide their child cash each day, which is often mis-spent on snacks.

Please mail the form back to us, along with your payment. We will immediately register you, and email you a verification. If you have any questions about registration or about the camp experience, just email our director, Ganer Newman | ganer.newman@wku.edu |

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Application deadline is 26 June, though applications after that date *may* be considered pending availability. (senior high interpretation events may cap before that deadline, due to popularity)



*optional food card for commuters*



+120 (total 670)

Discounts to remember:

Below is a reminder list of possible discounts for which you may apply.

  1. Applications submitted by the 22 May Early Registration deadline receive $50 off
  2. Email ganer.newman@wku.edu to apply for need-based scholarship
  3. If five or more students from your school are coming to the camp, have your coach email ganer.newman@wku.edu to notify us, then your coach must remind all of the students to discount themselves according to Director Newman’s instructions



What is the SFI like?

The below video from one of our counselors will help indicate what we do at the SFI and why. The videos here are not exhaustive, however, and they currently only address the senior high Interp group. The Oratory group, the Extemp group, and the Junior High Interp group are, however, just as passionate and considered.



Ours is a work camp. While students will have evenings free to socialize and relax, the rest of the day is spent learning how to craft a performance. Lecture is used to prepare students, and this is then applied in group and individual coaching sessions. You will not need to bring any topics or scripts to camp, unless you would like, as we plan on coaching the entire process. While many other camps will coach a single performance, necessitating returning to camp each year to be coached again, we give you the tools to do the task yourself.



2019 Camp Schedule

SFI schedule: | .DOC | .PDF


The video to the right is from the 2018 end-of-camp performances, of students who felt comfortable showing off what they’ve accomplished in their week-plus of work. Some of these students had never done these events–or any competition–before. If you are interested in the same performances from previous years, we have some of those on our Youtube channel, accessible from this video portal.